Year: 2022 | Month: March | Volume 67 | Issue 2

Factors Influencing the Success of Agripreneurs in Tamil Nadu

Jayasudha J. Shantha Sheela M.


Entrepreneurship encourages the growth of small businesses in society. It was widely acknowledged that small businesses played a critical role in the country’s economic development. The study has been conducted to identify the factors influencing the success of agripreneurs. By proportionate random sampling method, 104 respondents were selected from two incubators namely Technology Business Incubator, Coimbatore and Madurai Agribusiness Incubation Forum, Madurai. Factor analysis was used to identify the factors. As a result seven factors such as directorial factor, functional factor, decisive factor, personal factor, financial factor, opportunity factor and ideological factor were identified, which contributed to the success of agripreneurs. From this directorial and functional factors had high variance with factor loadings. Among different variables, innovativeness, family type and credit orientation had highest factor loadings. This study suggested that entrepreneurial traits would be improved by the agripreneurs to achieve the success.


  • Seven factors were identified contributing to the success of agripreneurs.
  • Innovativeness, Family type and Credit orientation had highest factor loadings.
  • Entrepreneurial traits should improve to achieve the success.

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