Volume 67 Issue Special  February Issue 2022
729 Dynamics of Food grains Production in Vidisha District of Madhya Pradesh K. Verma
755 Value Chain Analysis of Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) in Lalitpur, Nepal Sagar Koirala
763 Resource use Efficiency in Apple Production at Himachal Pradesh :A Comparative Study of Different Farm Size  Vishal Chauhan 
770 Farm Profitability of Hybrid Marigold Flower in Madhya Pradesh Yamini Raut
752 A Probit Analysis of Factors Determining Adoption of Bhoochetana Scheme by Farmers in Rainfed Agriculture: A case study of Karnataka Sagar
639 Rural and Urban Poverty Trends in India and Gujarat Jignesh Macwan
768 Determinants of Livelihood diversification among the Thadou-Kukis of Manipur, India Seitinmang Guite
756 Economic of vetiver cultivation: an increase the income of household from marginal land in Madhepura District of Bihar Ram Suresh Sharma
710 Economics Of Rapeseed-Mustrard Production In Begusarai District Of Bihar  Meera Kumari1
760 A study of production constraints encountered by the potato growers in Haryana Vishwas Deep
761 An Economic Analysis of Rice Value chain in Haryana K. Abdulaziz
735 Costs, returns and profitability of goat rearing enterprise in Osmanabad district Bhosale A.S
759 Irrigation water and Food security: A case study in Tungabhadra command area of Karnataka Pooja
764 Trade Competitiveness and Trend Pattern of Plantation Crop Exports in India Kumareswaran.T
757 Cost and Return Analysis of Bagging in Litchi Fruit  Varun Pal Singh
744 The Effect Of Working Capital On The Liquidity: A Case Of Seed Companies In India Niharika Prasad 
737 Economics of production of cashew in Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra Chande J. A
780 Growth & Instability of International Trade of Sugar in India Nasim Ahmad
772 An Economic Analysis and Compound Growth Rate of Major Pulses in Northern part of Chhattisgarh Mukesh Kumar Seth
746 Goatary: A Gateway of Victory for Resource Deprived Farmers Kailash Chand Bairwa


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