Volume 66 Issue 3 September Issue 2021
An Economic Analysis of Production of Maize and Constraints Faced by Farmers in Meghalaya Dipriya R. Lyngkhoi
Post integration effect of e-NAM in the Nawapara APMC in Chhattisgarh Hehlangki Tyngkan
Assessment of miller’s preferences on procurement of rice varieties in Tamil Nadu Mohanraj, V
Production Performance of Seed Spices in Rajasthan Mhaskey, A.V
Estimation of Growth Rates and Decomposition Analysis of Major Fruit Crops in Punjab,India Gurpreet Singh
Indian Coffee: A Quadragenary Growth Analysis Abhinav M.C
Perception, Perceived Impacts and Constraints about Adoption of Climate Resilient Technologies in the Eastern Plain Zone of Uttar Pradesh Devegowda S R
An Economic Analysis of Production of Cauliflower in Sikar district of Rajasthan P.S. Shekhawat2
Food safety management in market value chain of mango in Uttar Pradesh: issues, challenges and opportunities S. Kumar
Growth Rate of Pulses in Eastern Uttar Pradesh a zone-wise analysis P.MISHRA
An Overview Broiler Contract Farming of Angul District Of Odisha Satarupa Modak
Economic Analysis and Feasibility of Rotary Weeder Cum Fertilizer Drill Regatti Venkat
Analysis of Constraints Faced By The Farmers In The Existing Crop Plan :A Case of Kandhamal District Prangya Paramita 
Land Degradation and Its Economic Implications in Rajasthan Thanuja P
Growth and Decomposition analysis of Rabi Pulse Crops in Rajasthan Harkesh Kumar Balai
Factors Affecting Marketing of Vegetables among Small-Scale Farmers Khade S.D
An Assessment of Export Potential of Indian Mentha Oil in International Market Ashutosh Chaturvedi
Varying The Profitability And Cost Of Cultivation: A Spatio-Temporal Economic Analysis Dr. Amit Mandal
Growth and Instability of Exports of Vegetable Products from India Vasavada K.M
Resource use efficiency among aerobic and conventional rice farms in Eastern dry zone of Karnataka: A comparative analysis Thejaswi Kumar


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