Volume 65 Issue 4 December Issue 2020

  1. Economics of marketing and constraints in marketing of Green Chilli in Jaipur District of Rajasthan
  2. An Economic Analysis of Production of Isabgol and Constraints Faced by Farmers in Rajasthan
  3. Role of Exports in Economic Growth:Evidence from India
  4. Supply-Demand Projection and Gap Analysis for Major Pulses in Assam
  5. Assessment of the Food Security Status of Households Belonging to different Regions of Himalayan Belt
  6. An Economic Analysis of Poplar Cultivation in Punjab
  7. Effect of climate varible on yield of major crop in Bihar  A time Series Analysis 
  8. Farm level technical efficiency of paddy production in Andhra Pradesh: An Empirical evidence from the cost of cultivation survey data
  9. Trend in Cost of Cultivation of Sorghum in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states of India
  10. Dynamics of Area Change in Vegetable Production in Karnataka
  11. Determining the Factors Affecting Investment in Punjab Agriculture
  12. Market Arrival and Price behaviour analysis of potato in four major markets in India
  13. Urbanization and its impact on production diversity and income of farm households: An economic analysis across rural-urban interface of Bengaluru
  14. Non-timber forest products (NTFPs): Contribution towards farmers’ economy in North-Western Himalayas
  15. Potential wild edible plants and its significance in livelihood of indigenous people of Male Mahadeshwara Hills, Karnataka
  16. Performance and Stability Analysis of Spices and Spice products Export from India
  17. Constraints in production, Marketing and Processing of Onion (Allium cepa L.) in NUH District of Haryana
  18. On farm Benefits of the chickpea in Rajasthan with reference to Gangour (GNG 1581) variety
  19. To examine the costs and returns structure in bottle gourd on the contract vis-à-vis Non-contract farms in the Jaipur district of Rajasthan
  20. Reducing farm risk though diversification in tomato based farming systems of eastern dry zone of Karnataka
  21. Forecasting of Potato Prices in India: An Application of ARIMA Model
  22. The Asian Rice Sector at a Crossroads
  23. Perception Of The Farmers On Climate Change And Its Impact On Pigeon Pea In Mahabubnagar District Of Telangana
  24. Sources Of Output Growth And Variability In Production Of Cumin In Jodhpur Vis-À-Vis Rajasthan

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