Volume 65 Issue 3 September Issue 2020

1. The politics of rice production in nigeria-can nigeria become net exporter or will remained net importer?- Sadiq,M.S

2. Seasonal Price Variability and Temporal Business Opportunities for Lime and Sweet Oranges in Nepal- Sagar Dahal
3. CoVID-19 pandemic and its Impact on Indian and Global Economies-S. Ravichandran
4. Determinants of Farm Income in Jorhat District of Assam-Dibya Jyoti Kalita
5. Foodgrains Production in India: Trend and Decompositions Analysis-Neelam Kumari
6. Comparative Economics of Hybrid and Inbred Rice Cultivation in Assam, India: A Farm Level Study-Jeemoni Gogoi
7. Costs and returns of mungbean in the Nagaur district of Rajasthan-Arjun Singh Rajput 
8. The Factors Influencing & Various Technological & Socio-Economic Constraints for Crop Diversification in Haryana-Raj Kumar
9. COVID-19 pandemic as a set of economic shocks in India: A Short Note- Bhagirath Prakash 
10. Socio-Economic and Psychological Profile of KVK Adopted Farmers of West Garo Hills District on Improved Rice Cultivation Practices and their Constraints and Suggestive Measures-S. Medhi
11. Volume of Institutional Credit and Land holding size of Farmers in India-Sarbani Sarkar, 
12. Factors affecting adoption of flood tolerant rice variety in Assam: A Farm Level Study- Anusha Jammal amadaka
13. Inter-Temporal Production Performance of Pulses Crops: In Indian Context -Kailash Chand Bairwa
14. Integration of Domestic and International markets of Indian coffee-Amit Guleria
15. Analysis Of Vegetable Marketing Efficiency In Phek District, Nagaland-Praveen Dukpa
16. Economics of Flower Cultivation with Special Reference to Orchid in Hilly Areas of West Bengal-Shekhar D Khade
17. Millets-Miracle Grains: Growth Trends and Cost Effectiveness in India-M. Uma Gowri
18. Analysis of Casual labour in Rajasthan vis-à-vis India-Vikalp Sharma
19. Growth Trends of Green Chilli in Jaipur District and State of Rajasthan-Sonu Kala, Sonu Jain
20. Adaptation strategies followed by farmers to combat impact of climate change on groundwater irrigation in least and highly vulnerable districts of Karnataka-Shivakumara, C
21. Economic Analysis Of Marketing Of Litchi (Litchi Chinensis) In Himachal Pradesh-Ratika Kayastha
22. Assessment of the Food Security Status of Households Belonging to different Regions of Himalayan Belt-Sheela Kharkwal

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