Volume 65 Issue 1 March Issue 2020- Coming Soon

Performance of Palm Industry in Karnataka- a case study in Tumkur district M. G. Kerutagi

A Comparative Analysis of Rural-Urban Migrants and Non-Migrants in the Selected Region of Tamil Nadu, India.- Revathy.N

Assessing the determinants of food security for the organic farm households in Sikkim:  Application of Binary logistic regression- Ram Singh

An analysis of Market Arrival and Price Behavior of Potato in India- Sreepriya P

Study of Non Timber Forest Products (NTFPS) in Meghalaya State of India: Methods for Empirical Analysis- Ram Singh

Bioinoculants as prospective inputs for achieving sustainability: Indian Story- Amitava Rakshit1

Economic analysis of impact assessment of production technology of paddy cultivation in Nasik region of Maharashtra in India- Shekhar.D.Khade

Studies On The Price Analysis And Forcasting Of Basmati Rice Crop In Karnal District Of Haryana- Raj Kumar

Price Behaviour And Forecasting Of Onion Prices In Kurnool Market, Andhra Pradesh State - M. Areef

Analysis of Yield and Technological Gaps of Potato Production in Bihar- Dhiraj K. Singh

Resource Use Efficiency and Constraints Analysis of Summer Mungbean Cultivation in Rice-Wheat Cropping System- NeerajPawar

Types And Scales Of Enterprises Being Run By The Women Entrepreneurs Of Self Help Groups In Andhra Pradesh - Siddeswari G.K

Determinants of adoption of farming systems in SDZ and EDZ of Karnataka: An Economic analysis Bhavya

Analysis Of Energy Input Use Efficiency In Punjab Agriculture- H. Kumar

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