Volume 67 Issue 4, December Issue 2022
987 Production Function And Resource Use Efficiency In Milk Production In Rural Punjab Napinder Kaur
967 Economic analysis of milk production in Southern India Patibandla Lakshmi Priya
988 Paddy, Wheat and Gram:FarmersAcreage Allocation Response indistricts of Chhattisgarh Plains Zone Sumit B. Wasnik
995 Measurement of Financial Inclusion in India: An Integrated Approach with TOPSIS and EWM. Aamir Rashid Bhat
805 Constrictions encountered by mushroom farmers in Haryana: A Study of Sonipat Distt Pooja
1004 Cost, return and profitability structure of barley and maize production in Rajasthan, India Devendra Kumar Verma
848 An Overview to Examine the Growth Trend and Instability in Area, Production and Productivity of Sugarcane in Uttar Pradesh   Shyam Prakash Singh
1052 Quantification of linkages within the prevailing integrated farming systems of Punjab Aniketa Horo
1038 Case Study: Monetary Policy and the Dilemma of Self-Respect in India Nilendu Chatterjee
1050 Multidimensional Deprivation: Cross-District Insights in West Bengal Papita Dutta
1074 Food Grains Production in Nagaland: An Evaluative Study T. Zanthungo Ngullie
1085 Knowledge Graph of University Branding Research: Scientometric Analysis Using CiteSpace  Liang Rui
1068 Rice-fallow management in eastern India: Challenges and opportunities for enhancing system productivity and profitability Bidhan K. Mohapatra
1078 Assessment of future pattern of rainfall in different zones of Kerala using incorporation of SARIMA, ANN and Hybrid SARIMA-ANN models Vishal Mehta
958 Ecological implications of land use dynamics in Kerala Shilpa Mathew
1083 A Study on constraints perceived by the farmers in usingKisan Call Center in Manachanallur Block of Trichy District in Tamil Nadu Gowthaman T
1075 Estimation of post-harvest losses andtheir management underopen and protected cultivation of vegetables Manohar, B. H
925 Modeling and Analyzing the Dynamic Impact of Financial Development on Economic Growth in Syria ABDULLAH MOHAMMAD GHAZI AL KHATIB 
1095 Cost Structure and Profitability of Groundnut and Sunflower Cultivation in Karnataka Satish kumar, M
1100 Volume of Timber Consumption in Sawmill Industries of Valley Districts of Manipur State, India: Its Determinants and Implications Hanjabam Isworchandra 
1108 Axiological Fundamental Pillars of the Formation of Public Opinion in the Media Ievgeniia Kyianytsia
1109 New information technologies in improving the population's information culture Oksana Koshelieva
1087 International experience of state regulation of business in social networks Oksana Petrenko
1088 Problems and prospects of the development of the agrarian sphere in the conditions of the russian-ukrainian war and the post-war economic recovery Oleksandr Nechyporenko
1036 Perspectives For The Tourism And Hospitality Industry In A Globally Competitive Environment Mykola Pugachov
1037 Engineering Implementation Mechanisms In The System Of Public Administration Oleksandr Nepomnyashchyy
1096 Study on Marketing of green Chilli in Jorhat district of Assam Niharika Borbaruah
1099 Trends and Economic Dynamics of Guar in India Sambu SindhujA
1086  An Economic analysis of milk production in rural-urban interface of Bengaluru  Shivagangavva P.D
1111 Human-Centered Approach In New Development Tendencies Of Value-Oriented Public Administration: Potential Of Education Inna Semenets-Orlova
1112 Post-war economy of Ukraine: Innovation and investment development project Oleksandr Akimov
1113 Evaluation of the business model of introducing high technology into the solidarity economy Nataliia Shyshkova


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