Volume 66 Issue 1 March Issue 2021

  1. Growth of Agricultural Labourers in West Bengal with Special Reference to Uttar Dinajpur District since Independence
  2. Productivity of Unorganised Manufacturing Enterprises in India
  3. Economic Analysis and Mechanization Index of Agricultural Crops in Mandi District of Himachal Pradesh
  4. Challenges for Small Scale Paddy Farmers: A Case study of Lake Zone- Tanzania
  5. Economic Impact of Practicing IPM and INM technology in Paddy (Basmati) Crop in Haryana
  6. Comparison of Employment Generation in Organized and Unorganized Markets of Kolkata City
  7. Export-Import Performance of Major Agricultural Commodities in India
  8. Nagaland State Rural Livelihood Mission (Nsrlm) And Sustainable Development: Some Field Based Evidences
  9. Self-Reliant Farming and Employment Opportunities for Migrant Workers Relating COVID-19 Post-Pandemic 
  10. Efficiency of Stakeholders in Agricultural Innovation System
  11. Analysis Of Producer Resilience Strategies To Volatile Cocoa Prices In Cameroon
  12. Analysis of Temperate Fruits Production in Himachal Pradesh-A Comparative Study of Different Blocks of District Shimla
  13. Comparative Economics of Wheat Cultivation Establishment Techniques in Haryana
  14. Fiscal policy as a stabilization tool: Discretionary and Non Discretionary policies
  15. Pattern and Sources of Farm Investment in Agriculture of West Bengal: A Comparative Analysis BetweenSmall and Large Farm

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