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Growth Performance of Rice in West Bengal Agriculture: A Spatio temporal Analysis 10.30954/0424-2513.4.2018.13
Growth Performance of Rice in Green Revolution Belt of India: A Spatio-Temporal Analysis 10.30954/0424-2513.2.2019.8
Relative Economics of Menthol Mint Cultivation with Existing Competitive Crop Combinations in Dudhwa Tiger Reserve Area of Uttar Pradesh 10.30954/0424-2513.4.2019.7
Diagnostic Evaluation of Immunoassay Kits for Early Pregnancy Detection in Cattle 10.30954/2277-940X.01.2021.4
An Assesment of Export Potential of Indian Mentha Oil in International Market 10.46852/0424-2513.3.2021.13
Study on Production and Supply of Quality Seed in Eastern Uttar Pradesh 10.46852/2249-6637.03.2021.5
Economics of Vetiver Cultivation: Increase in the Income of Household from Marginal Land in Madhepura District of Bihar 10.46852/0424-2513.1.2022.11
Export Performance of Palmarosa oil in India: A Growth and Instability Analysis 10.46852/0424-2513.2.2022.8
Physical and Morphometric Characterisation of Badri Cattle 10.30954/2277-940X.02.2022.9
Effect of Drip Irrigation Frequency and Lateral Spacing on Kharif Onion Crop 10.30954/0974-1712.02.2022.7
A Study on Contribution of Formal and Informal Sectors in Indian Seed Domain: An Analytical Study 10.46852/2249-6637.02.2022.2
Economics of Lemongrass Cultivation in Jharkhand State 10.46852/0424-2513.4.2022.16
Economic Viability of Sprinkler Irrigation System in Southern Haryana 10.46852/0424-2513.1.2023.22
Millet: A Review of its Nutritional Content, Processing and Machineries 10.30954/2277-9396.01.2022.7
Untapped Potential of Groundwater Resources of Bihar 10.46852/0424-2513.3.2024.1

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