Manjunatha' s Articles

Comparative Economics of Neem Coated Urea Vis-a-Vis Normal Urea: Evidence from a Field-based Study in the Indian Context 10.46852/0424-2513.2.2020.21
Identification of Donors of Mungbean and Urdbean against Yellow Mosaic Disease 10.30954/0974-1712.01.2022.1
Softening of Barky Root Cuttings of Jute by Pectinolytic Bacterial Strains for Better Spinability and Industrial Uses 10.46852/0424-2513.4.2022.8
Composting of Natural Fibre Wastes for Preparation of Organic Manures and Bio-enhancers 10.46852/0424-2513.2.2023.18

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