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Adult Body Weights and Morphometric Traits of Ganjam Goats of Odisha and Prediction of Body Weights from Body Measurements 10.30954/2277-940X.06.2020.23
Programme Evaluation of Post Graduate Certificate in Endodontics Programme of Indira Gandhi National Open University: A Learner’s Perspective 10.30954/2231-458X.02.2020.5
Relative Risk and Odds Ratio of Risk Factors Associated with Digestive Diseases in Ganjam Goats of Odisha 10.30954/2277-940X.04.2021.13
Effects of a Popular Aquatic Pest Control Agent among Carp Aqua-culturists on Aquatic Microfauna Dynamics 10.30954/0974-1712.01.2022.15
Effect of Hot Water and H2SO4 on Physical Dormancy in the Seeds of Sponge Gourd 10.30954/0974-1712.02.2022.1
Development and Comparison of Regression Models for Determination of Starch in Chickpea Using NIR Spectroscopy 10.30954/0974-1712.03.2022.4
A Review of Deep Learning Models for Price Prediction in Agricultural Commodities 10.46852/0424-2513.1.2023.25

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