Year: 2023 | Month: December | Volume 68 | Issue 4

The Strategic Role of the State in Stimulating and Supporting Economic Growth: Tools, Policies and Influence on the Modern Economic Paradigm

Vitalii Kruhlov Olha Dzhyhora Yevhen Trubakov Vitalii Kotsur and Zoriana Buryk


The article examines issues related to the state’s role in economic growth stimulation in the context of the
dynamics of global economic and technological development. Even though measures for state regulation
of the economy are intended to create favourable conditions for accelerating economic growth, this process
is closely related to numerous factors that can have both positive and negative effects on the results of
stimulating and supporting economic growth. Also, the article touches on international models in the
field of government regulation of the national economy, examines their main features, as well attempts
to outline the peculiarities and uniqueness of economic development and the government’s role in the
economy in the era of information society.


  • The role of the state in economic growth depends on various factors, including the level of economic development, economic activity, and national characteristics. It is necessary to find an optimal balance between state incentives and market forces. Different approaches to state investment policy and their impact on different stages of economic development are discussed, the importance of adapting strategies to historical and institutional contexts is emphasized.

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