Year: 2023 | Month: December | Volume 68 | Issue 4

Digital Marketing and its Role in Customer Acquisition

Andrii Melinevskyi Serhii Koberniuk Tamila Bilousko Vasyl Vasiuta and Nataliya Strochenko


The study examines the role of digital marketing in customer acquisition. The relevance of this research is
driven by the fact that marketing is increasingly encompassing various industries today. One of its main
tasks is to acquire new customers. At the same time, the growing number of companies producing goods
with similar specifications means that marketing is beginning to use the latest technologies to increase its
target audience actively. As a result, the topic of digital marketing’s role in the cultivation of customer
loyalty is becoming an acute issue. The study aims to discover the role of digital marketing in customer
acquisition. The research object is digital marketing strategies. Research methods. The following research
methods were employed in this paper: description, analysis and synthesis, comparison, generalization,
and modelling. The article is dedicated to unravelling the role of digital marketing in customer acquisition.
The authors describe the impact of factors such as the virtual space, competition, the accessibility of the
average consumer to the Internet, and the lack of qualified personnel in marketing on the application of
digital marketing in business activities. The study characterizes the essence of the “digital marketing”
concept in broad and specific contexts. In addition, the authors identified the advantages of digital
marketing and its components. The article analyzes the main features of digital marketing applied to
customer acquisition. They include the Internet, mobile devices, digital television, interactive screens,
and local networks. The article summarizes digital marketing methods for attracting customers. The
authors investigate customer acquisition methods such as contextual advertising, retargeting, mobile
marketing, viral marketing, Big Data, RTB, SMM, SEO, SMO, SEM, and email marketing. During the
research, a model was developed that presents the main trends associated with digital marketing in the
context of customer acquisition. These trends include ads harmoniously embedded in content, online
advertising being widely present in the virtual space, advertising customized to a specific category’s
needs, advertising in various formats, and customer acquisition by forming a virtual community. This
article categorizes customer acquisition tools into three groups: paid resources, owned resources, and
earned resources


  • The study emphasizes the role of digital marketing in overcoming customer acquisition challenges by utilizing innovative technologies to present products, attract new customers, and engage the target audience. It defines the “digital marketing” concept broadly as the virtual space marketing aimed at customer attraction.

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