Year: 2023 | Month: December | Volume 68 | Issue 4

Global and Regional Threats to Human’, Society’, and State’ Security

Olha Rudenko Olena Mykhailovska Halyna Kaplenko Ivan Bazarko and Volodymyr Maksak


The phenomenon of national security is considered in the context of the changing world order,
globalization and deterritorialization as global megatrends. The question is raised about the possibility
of de-actualizing the national level of security research. The conceptual landscape of the concept of
national security has been explored, traditional and new challenges to the state and society, which
complicate the policy of ensuring both national, global, and regional security, have been ordered and
analyzed. It is concluded that concepts, sources, methods, and types of national security policy need to
be rethought, in accordance with new types of threats, their hybridization and complexity. It is shown
that the development of modern theory and policy for ensuring human (personal) security is caused not
only by changes in philosophical and ideological ideas about the phenomenon of security, but also by
changes in approaches to the practical activities of states to ensure human security.


  • The article is devoted to the analysis of the transformation of the concept of modern global and regional threats to human’, society’ and regional’ security, and hybridization of these threat, with a focus on security paradigm.
  • The obtained results demonstrated the necessity of applying a systemic vision to addressing global and regional threats, based on the notion of sustainable security and hybrid approach.

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