Year: 2023 | Month: December | Volume 68 | Issue 4

Innovative Mechanisms of Shaping the Migration Attractiveness of Ukraine Regions

Ivan Lopushynskyi Viktor Petrenko Bogdan Grechanyk Vitalii Malimon Larysa Mosora and Volodymyr Yaroshovych


The article examines the concept of migration attractiveness of the regions in its correlation with investment
attractiveness and its corresponding factors of influence. It is stressed that the example of Ukraine is a
unique in its kind, not experienced critical deteriorative influence of either hybrid war or active hostilities
on the migration attractiveness of the regions. As a result of literature research and studies of Ukrainian
data, it is proposed to use methodologies for assessment of investment attractiveness when designing
mechanisms of shaping migration attractiveness of the country’ regions, and apply matrix systemic
approach, taking into account, among other factors, sustainability (ESG) patterns.


  • The article is devoted to the analysis of modern patterns of migration attractiveness of countries regions
  • The obtained results demonstrated the necessity of applying a matrix systemic approach shaping migration attractiveness of the country’ regions, based on the paradigms of investment attractiveness.
  • The practical significance of the research consists in systematization of today approaches to understanding the phenomenon of migration attractiveness of regions and the factors shaping it.

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