Year: 2023 | Month: December | Volume 68 | Issue 4

Economical, Financial and Allied Concerns in healthy Agricultural Information Systems Practice: The Context of Developing Countries

P.K. Paul and Sudhir Kumar Jena


Informatics is a domain not only for practicing but also a field of study which is really dedicated to study
about the information activities such as collection, selection, organization, processing, management
and delivery using technologies. The utilization of Informatics in various fields and sectors responsible
in developing other domain focused areas and fields such as Bio Informatics, Health Informatics, Geo
Informatics, Agricultural Informatics, and so on. Agricultural Informatics is also called as Agricultural
Information Technologies and Agricultural Information Science which is simply the merger of the
Agricultural Science with Information Science. Basic and latest applications of the IT and Computing in
Agriculture and other allied domains are developing and modernizing better and healthy Agricultural
practice with ICT. Various other technologies and systems also dedicated in agricultural activities for
proper and effective and healthy Agricultural Practice. Many countries worldwide dedicated in ICT
applications in Agricultural Systems for effective and progressive situation. Though, modern researchers
find-out some of the critical issues and challenges in Agricultural Informatics, and most of the issues are
related to the finance and economics including social. This work highlights fundamentals of Agricultural
Informatics including technologies and impact of Agricultural Information Science with reference to
the latest and researched issues, challenges of ICT in Agricultural Systems related to the economy and

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