Year: 2023 | Month: December | Volume 68 | Issue 4

Does Jobs without Boundaries within the Gig Economy a Paradox?

Udaya Sankar Patro Tapaswini Panda and S. Das


The idea that individuals take ownership of their personal growth and, as a result, take control of
improving their job competences has been a major tenet of proponents of what is known as the
boundaryless professional view. In this provocative article, we discuss the barriers to and possible
solutions for advancing boundaryless professions in the gig economy, which, although initially seeming
to provide favourable circumstances for such occupations, is plagued by several variables that make
these professions difficult. Therefore, it’s possible that professions without boundaries exist in the gig
economy. Specifically, we hypothesise that gig workers’ employability is restricted by the acquisition of
pertinent professional competences that are hindered by intra- and interorganizational career barriers.
We then propose that, to reduce these limitations, we should think about eschewing employer-centric,
conventional HRM methods and introducing new, network-based, self-organized HRM actions (in the
form of collaborative communities of practice).

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