Year: 2023 | Month: December | Volume 68 | Issue 4

Modern Concepts of Public Administration in the Context of Sustainable Development

Viacheslav Shandryk Ihor Zhebelev Andrii Deliatynchuk Volodymyr Maksymov and Volodymyr Shelest


The article examines the main problems of the XXI century, the overcoming of which led to achieving the
United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals adopted in 2015, replacing the Millennium Development
Goals. The authors systematically consider the governance process in sustainable development, paying
particular attention to the structural-functional and information-behavioral subsystems of governance.
Also, special attention is paid to the development of information technology and civil society, as well
as other changes in the late XX – early XXI century. These changes have influenced the concepts of
public administration, which are fundamental to achieving the SDGs. The article aims to determine
the methodological approaches necessary for the functioning of the public administration system in
the context of sustainable development. The primary research method used was a bibliographic study,
both descriptive and analytical. The analysis of scientific literature allowed the authors to conclude that
the following modern concepts of public administration in the context of sustainable development can
be implemented: “management of public values,” “digital citizenship,” “political networks,” “smart
(receptive/reflective) governance,” results/goals-based management, FAST-concept, “Open Government,”
and “Activating State.” The importance of involving people in addressing sustainable development issues
related to significant social, economic, and environmental problems, policy-making, and public service
delivery is hardly disputed today. As shown, modern concepts aim to enable citizens to participate in such
processes. These include access to and availability of information and the development of communication
technologies, including social media. In the XXI century of Knowledge Societies, the most creative
solutions will be created through open interaction and reliance on shared resources. The extraordinary
events (the pandemic and the war in Ukraine) have significantly slowed down the process of achieving
Sustainable Development Goals and, in some cases, made it impossible to achieve any results for some
goals. As a result, a new model of public administration in the context of sustainable development will
be required. The prospects for further research include defining a new concept of public administration
and its provision, which will consider the advantages of modern concepts and ensure their synergistic
effect so that the sustainable development agenda is
adopted by the state, business, and society.


  • The article highlights the importance of a peoplecentered approach in public administration,

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