Year: 2023 | Month: December | Volume 68 | Issue 4

Assessment of Socio-economic, Psychological Needs and Expectations of Internally Displaced Persons in Ukraine

Oksana Kravchenko Oleksandr Safin Galina Kucher Nataliia Yaremenko Evgeniy Balabushka and Anna Levenet


The article investigates the socio-economic and psychological conditions and needs of 123 IDPs in the city
of Uman, Cherkasy region, Ukraine, and identifies their qualifications and the possibility of employment
in their speciality, access to useful information, the possibility of receiving state assistance and meeting
basic needs, reveals violations of the psycho-emotional state and the need for rehabilitation, the state of
physical and mental health, etc. It is proved that a prerequisite for successful adaptation of IDPs to new
realities is to take into account their psycho-emotional state. The most common stress factors are constant
anxiety about their relatives and friends, inability to meet basic needs and internal fear of an unknown
future. The study identified security, economic, social and psychological reasons that prevent people from
returning to their places of residence and reasons that may encourage IDPs to return home. The study
identified the following types of activities that have a therapeutic effect: bibliotherapy, nature therapy,
isotherapy, music therapy, dance, sound, and occupational therapy. It has been found that 82.5% of IDPs
do not realise the need for meetings with a psychologist to improve their psycho-emotional state, 13.8%
of IDPs are conscious of their own mental well-being, and only 2.4% of IDPs are unsure.


  • A survey of IDPs was conducted on the areas of their professional training, place of residence before the war, health status, and access to reliable sources of information.
  • It is proved that a prerequisite for the successful adaptation of IDPs to new realities is to take into account their psycho-emotional state.

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