Year: 2023 | Month: December | Volume 68 | Issue 4

Exploring the Intersection of Health Issues and Socioeconomic Status: A Study of Residents in the Teesta Breakage Area, Bangladesh

Mst. Mahmuda Begum P. Sarkar Abu Haider Md. Shahnewaz Pervez Anima Barma Md. Khairul Islam S.M. Ashraful Alam and Md Afsan Galib Hirok


This study investigates the intricate relationship between health issues and socio-economic status in the
Teesta Breakage Area of Bangladesh. Utilizing a mixed-methods approach, we collected and analyzed
data from diverse sources, including health records, surveys, and interviews with local residents. Our
findings reveal a complex interplay of factors influencing health outcomes, including access to healthcare,
environmental conditions, and economic disparities. The study highlights specific health challenges
faced by the community and explores how these challenges intersect with varying socio-economic
statuses. Additionally, we identify potential interventions to address health disparities and promote
well-being in the Teesta Breakage Area. The insights gained from this research contribute to the broader
understanding of health dynamics in marginalized regions, providing a foundation for targeted policy
and intervention strategies.


  • It could shed light on how financial constraints limit access to healthcare services among the residents of Teesta breakage area. This might involve analyzing the income levels and healthcare utilization, such as regular check-ups, medication adherence, and hospital visits.
  • The research likely explores the disparities in health outcomes among different socio-economic groups in the Teesta Breakage Area. It might highlight differences in access to healthcare, prevalence of diseases, and overall health conditions among various income or social strata.
  • The study may discuss the influence of education and health literacy on the health outcomes of individuals in the area. It might explore how awareness programs or educational interventions could potentially improve health practices and outcomes.

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