Year: 2023 | Month: December | Volume 68 | Issue 4

Revolution of Emerging Information Technology in Transportation and Logistics Management System Context of Indian Smart City: Economical Aspects

Nilanjan Das Ritam Chatterjee and Ratnankur Majumdar


Good quality transportation system enhances the growth of economy and extends social development
in the country. Transportation fills the gap of communication between the places. It helps to improve
trading, businesses in different states of the country. Logistic management is another side of transportation
of goods from the factory source to the delivery point. Logistics management is the vital to increase the
growth of business as well as economic growth of the country. Technology plays the role to improve
transportation and logistics management system. Technologies are renovated in regular basis and
new technologies are appeared in this era. Emerging information technologies are included to mold
the transportation system as smart and intelligent. The modern city is advancing in all the directions
nowadays, modern cities are comprising as smart and advance city. Smart transportation is the essential
aspect of smart city. Therefore, advancement of transportation in smart city is very significant. Logistic
management is emergent aspect of business. Progress of business extend the economical potency of
country. Therefore, modernization of logistic management system is very essential. Role of information
technology in transportation and logistics management system is portrayed in this paper. Impact of
economic factors in growth of transportation and logistics management system in context of Indian
smart cities are emphasis in this paper.


  • Smart Transportation is the intelligent transportation system in terms of smart technology.
  • Smart Transportation is the advance transportation in context of smart cit
  • m Smart transportation develops the economy of city and country

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