Year: 2023 | Month: March | Volume 68 | Issue 1

Economic Viability of Sprinkler Irrigation System in Southern Haryana

Indu Walia Sanjay Kumar Janailin S. Papang


In the present paper an attempt has been made to examine the economic viability of sprinkler irrigation system in southern Haryana. The present study was conducted in the southern districts viz., Bhiwani and Rewari, selected on the basis of high rate of adoption of sprinkler irrigation system. For the selection of sample farmers, multistage random sampling technique was used. From each district two blocks were chosen purposively i.e., Tosham and Loharu in Bhiwani district and Khol at Rewari and Nahar in Rewari district. From each block, two villages were selected randomly. Further, 15 farmers were selected randomly from each village. Economic viability of sprinkler irrigation system was examined on the basis of the various indicators viz., NPV, IRR, B:C ratio and Payback period. Information regarding costs and returns of four major rabi crops viz., tomato, onion, wheat, mustard was taken from samples farmers
for the year 2021-22. NPV, IRR, B:C ratio and payback period for sprinkler irrigation system was found out to be 384895.22, 57.99, 3.30 and 3 years respectively. This shows that the investment on sprinkler irrigation system was sound and economically viable.


  • Study was carried out in southern Haryana districts as there is high rate of adoption of sprinkler irrigation system due to scarcity of water availability.
  • Economic evaluation was carried out under the assumption that cost and returns remain constant over the entire life of sprinklers.
  • The total cost incurred by the farmers in installation of sprinkler irrigation system was found out to be ` 148957.83 and ` 153811.35 and working cost observed to be ` 16491.48 and ` 14830.87 in Rewari and Bhiwani district respectively.

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