Year: 2023 | Month: March | Volume 68 | Issue 1

Kharif Oilseed Crops Cultivation in Madhya Pradesh (India): Growth and Decomposition Analysis

Babita Baghel H.K. Balai P.K. Malviya


The study examined the growth in area, production, and productivity of major kharif oilseed crops and decompose the production growth into area and yield effect using secondary data collected for 30 years period from different government departments and other agencies. The compound growth rate was calculated by using an exponential trend model and decomposition analysis using a semilog
growth model. It is observed that compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in area, production, and productivity of soybean and sesamum were observed positive but non- significant. While, the positive and non-significant growth rate of groundnut was observed in production and productivity, a negative but significant growth rate was observed in the area. Decomposition analysis indicated that the yield
effect of soybean and groundnut was more instrumental in increasing the production than the area and interaction effects. However, the area effect was observed more dominant in sesamum than the yield and interaction effects in the state.


  • Area, production and productivity of soybean and sesamum in Madhya Pradesh showed positive and non-significant annual growth pattern, whereas, a negative and significant growth was observed in area.
  • Yield effect of soybean and groundnut were found to be more instrumental to increase the production, while, the area effect was observed more dominant in sesamum.

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