Year: 2022 | Month: June | Volume 67 | Issue 3

Management of Efficiency and Competitiveness of Enterprises

Olena Golovchenko Mariia Saiensus Gennadiy Sorokoumov Oleh Onofriichuk Oksana Zubko Lu Liu


In the era of globalization and internationalization of the economy, the only criterion for efficiency and effectiveness of economic entities is competitiveness. Ensuring the competitiveness of economic entities in the international market in a global pandemic has become especially important. Globalization is a defining feature of the world economy, and economies’ dependence on foreign markets is growing. Thus, the development of global competition necessitates the development of economic strategies aimed at improving the efficiency and competitiveness of enterprises. The authors proposed organizational and financial principles of ensuring the competitiveness of the enterprise, information, and analytical tools for controlling the efficiency and competitiveness of enterprises, identified and demonstrated the logic of harmonizing business management goals using analytical tools for managing the efficiency of the enterprise and developed methods for integrated assessment of enterprise competitiveness. Techniques of statistical, economic, and financial analysis were used in the study; used research methods: grouping, analysis, synthesis, comparison, etc.


  • Strategic management of supply and competitiveness of the region is inextricably linked with the efficiency and competitiveness of each of its enterprises
  • Assessment of the effectiveness of the management of the efficiency and competitiveness of enterprises should be expressed in specific quantitative indicators

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