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Year: 2020 | Month: September | Volume 65 | Issue 3

Determinants of Farm Income in Jorhat District of Assam

Dibya Jyoti Kalita Ramen Kumar Sarma


The present study was conducted in Jorhat District of Assam to study the factors affecting the farm household income and formulating some policies based on the identified factors. The study was based on sample survey employing multistage random sampling technique and a total number of 120 sample farmers consisting 72 marginal, 22 small, 14 medium and 12 large farmers were selected for generating primary data. A multiple log linear regression analysis was done to work out the factors affecting farmer’s income. Out of the seven identified factors, four factors viz., education level of the respondents, size of land holding, social participation & extension contact and number of income sources were found significant. The relationship of all the variables was found to be positive with the income of the households. Inclusion of agriculture as a subject in the school level; motivation of farmers towards co-operative farming; strengthening the extension contact; dissemination knowledge regarding marketing of the produce, multiple cropping and integrated farming, creation of self help groups amongst the farmers etc. maybe some of policy measures to increase the farm income in the study area.

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