Year: 2015 | Month: December | Volume 60 | Issue 4

Supply Response of Arhar and Gram in Eastern Region of Uttar Pradesh

Snehal Mishra O.P. Singh Shilpi


Agriculture is the mainstay for the economic development of the country. Pulses are one of the important food commodities in India where a large vegetarian and even non vegetarian population are highly dependent on pulses for protein source. Since pulses are cheaper than meat (animal protein) often referred to as ‘poor man’s meat’ in developing countries like India. But the area under pulses is declining at an alarming rate. The present study aimed at examining the response behavior of arhar and gram growers to the changes in price and selected non price variables in all districts of
eastern region of Uttar Pradesh. This is estimated by the application of Nerlovian price expectation adjustment model. Short and long run elasticies has also been calculated which reveals that farmers are not responding to change in prices. Demand and supply has been projected for the years 2019-20 and 2029-2030. The study revealed that there can be a huge amount of negative gap between demand and supply 

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