Year: 2015 | Month: June | Volume 60 | Issue 2

Export of Fruits from India: Growth, Pattern and SPS Issues

Asha Bisht Rakesh Singh Arpita Gangwar O. P. Singh


The total export of agricultural products from India has touched $45 billion during 2013-14 from about $18 billion during 2009-10. In present context non tariff barriers are playing greater role as compared to tariff in the international trade. This study was conducted to analyze the growth of major fruit (Mango, Grapes, Banana) export, changes in the direction of export and various SPS issues related to export of fruits. Mangoes export has showed significant growth rate of 6.5 per cent per annum in terms of quantity. Export value showed significant growth rate of 8.75 per cent per annum while export price showed significant growth rate of 2.25 per cent per annum. Bananas export has also shown significant positive growth rate of 21.91 per cent per annum. At the same time export value and export price showed significant growth of 25.8 per cent per annum and 3.89 per cent per annum respectively. Growth rate in export quantity, value and price of Grapes was found 12.7, 16.77 and 4.08 per cent respectively during 1990-91 to 2011-12. UAE was found more stable market in case of Grapes and in case of mangoes; Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh were more stable market. Bahrain, Iran and UAE were stable market for banana, therefore it was suggested that the attention should be focused on the market requirement and specifications of those stable markets.

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