Year: 2015 | Month: June | Volume 60 | Issue 2

Growth and Export Performance of Ginger in India– An Economic Analysis

V. Karthick T. Alagumani A. Anbarassan


India is rightly called as “spice bowl of the world” for its production of variety and superior quality of spices. Indian agriculture has to face competitiveness in international trade for each commodity due to liberalisation and agreement of WTO. Spices are the major exports from India and it is generally expected that trade policies would influence the spice trade. In the area of export ginger occupies fifth position in terms of quality and sixth position in export earnings among the spices. In recent years, there have been ups and downs in export of ginger from India. This situation called for a detailed study. Hence this study was conducted to analyze growth and export performance of ginger in India. The required data collected for the period of 29 years.
The objectives are analyzed with nominal protection coefficient and growth rate analysis. The growth rate between pre and post-WTO period in terms of area and production were positive. The export growth of post WTO period in terms of quantity and values were found to be not significant and declining but unit price value were found to be significant and positive. Nominal protection coefficient was found to be more than one indicates the non profitability of export.

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