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Year: 2014 | Month: July | Volume 59 | Special Issue

An Analysis of Constraints in E-Learning and Strategies for Promoting E-Learning among Farmers

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In a country like India where most of the farming communities have low access to the right information sources, extension has so much scope to enter into new vistas like e-learning which can be utilized for virtual education, training and dissemination of information. e- Learning and its promotion carry a number of barriers too along with the favourable factors. In the study undertaken among sixty e-learner farmers of Malappuram district of Kerala state to analyze the various constraints coming in the way of e-learning of agricultural technologies, the most important constraint observed was: technological constraints out of the four groups of constraints. Lack of prompt reply to online queries and information, high cost of establishment, lack of time and relevant information in the website was found to be affecting the e- learner farmers.

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