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Year: 2014 | Month: Special Issue | Volume 59 | Special Issue

Adoption of Jute Production Technology in West Bengal

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Jute being crop is an important source of income of growers of West Bengal. In jute cultivation requires a considerable amount of cash investment, an average grown has to face a number of socio-economic and technological problems. A study was conducted on adoption of jute production technology in West Bengal. The objective of this study is to measure the knowledge level adoption index to some important jute production technologies and to find out nature of influence of some of the socio-personal characteristics of the jute growers on their knowledge and adoption of modern jute technologies. Villages were selected as progressive and non-progressive with regard to agro-technological criteria of jute cultivation. The members were selected randomly and total numbers of respondents were 112. The data were processed into mean, median, standard deviation and correlation co-efficient. The factors like mass media exposure, personal cosmopolite sources, age, education and extra village contact are found to have influenced to significant extent the knowledge where the investigation was carried out.

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