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Year: 2014 | Month: December | Volume 59 | Issue 4

An economic analysis of gladiolus cultivation in Jammu district of J&K state



Keeping this in view, a study has been conducted to analyse the economics of gladiolus cultivation for the years 2011-12 and 2012-2013 in Jammu district of J&K state. Primary data on costs and returns of the crop were collected by interviewing the farmers through personal visits with the help of an especially structured and pre-tested schedule. The per acre cost of cultivation (C2) of gladiolus were estimated to be ` 210140.00 in the first year and ` 70140.00 in second year on sampled farms. The ‘Cost A1’ constituted the whole direct cost were ` 159116.80 and ` 19116.80/acre, ‘Cost A2’ were ` 170316.80 and ` 30316.80 per acre, ‘Cost B1’ were ` 164815 and ` 24815.00 per acre, ‘Cost B2’ were ` 208580.00 and ` 68580.00 per acre and ‘Cost C1’ was ` 166375.00 and ` 26375.00 per acre for first year and second year respectively on sampled farms. The gross return was ` 300000.00 per acre in both years on sampled farms. The net return was highest in case of second year i.e. ` 229860.00 per acre compared to the net return in first year i.e. ` 89860.00/acre. The Cost-Benefit ratio was highest in case of second year (4.28) compared to that of first year (1.43).

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