Year: 2023 | Month: December | Volume 68 | Issue 4

Handloom Weaving: Critical Factors influencing the Satisfaction- The Socio & Economic Context

Koppala Venugopal Deekonda Pranaya Saumendra Das and Sudhir Kumar Jena


The miserable lives of handloom weavers are evident enough in every part of India where the handloom
products are not all sustainable. There have been a lot of strategies to revoke the industry for many times
in the way of schemes and interventions, but the efforts are all in vain and the livelihood of weavers is still
alarming. Though there have been innumerable problems causing the decreased level of satisfaction of
weavers, factors such as unorganised operations, product diversifications, credit needs, raw material, less
returns and marketing issues are extracted to be critical in influencing the living conditions of weavers.
The study is aimed to identify and assess the impact of certain critical factors on the increased levels of
living weavers’ conditions in Srikakulam district, Andra Pradesh state. The study was carried out with
a method mix of descriptive design, quantitative approach, non- probability sampling of convenience
technique and cross- sectional survey method. The data collected was analysis through influencing
statistics of factor analysis and multi regression analysis to extract the independent variables and explain
the dependent variable respectively. Specific recommendations were offered be the research out of
management implications with the interpretation. This paper explains the impact of each factor on the
survival and sustainability of handloom weavers.


  • The livelihood of weavers is remains precarious, despite several attempts to shut down the business through plans and initiatives that have been ineffective.
  • Everywhere in India where handloom items are not entirely sustainable, it is apparent how terrible the lives of these weavers are as individuals.
  • The effects of each element on the longevity and well-being of handloom weavers are discussed in this research

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