Year: 2023 | Month: September | Volume 68 | Issue 3

Farmer Buying Behaviour toward Major Agri-inputs-Finding from Fazilka District of Punjab

Ajay Jain Rakesh Rathore


The present study was carried out in Fazilka district of Punjab. The aim of the study is to investigate farmers’ buying behaviour and factors affecting farmers’ buying behaviour towards agri-inputs. The primary data was collected with the help of pre-structure and a pre-tested schedule. The findings revealed that farmers buy agri inputs based on their own decisions. Purchase decisions, quality and advertisements are the important factors affecting farmers’ buying behaviour. Purchase behaviour, quality of the products, price and brand was found to be important factors for buying agricultural input. Farmers mostly buy agri inputs from the local market. Descriptive statistics like mean, percentage, t- test were used to achieve specific objectives of the study. Factor analysis was run for data reduction and to find out the important factors which affect farmers’ buying behaviour towards agri-input.


  • Purchase decision, quality and advertisement are the important factor affect farmers buying behaviour
  • Purchase behaviour, quality of the products, price and brand are found important factor while buying agricultural input

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