Year: 2023 | Month: March | Volume 68 | Issue 1

Integration of the Financial Market in the EU Economic System: The Role of Artificial Intelligence

Olena Bobrovska1* Tetiana Savostenko Taisiia Krushelnytska Olena Kakhovska Liliia Shevchenko


Financial integration as a new vector of EU development has already made tangible progress. However, to analyze ongoing integration processes, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of the essence of “financial integration”, the availability of a certain coordinate system that will allow the researcher to answer a number of important questions: what is considered completed financial integration, at
what stage of financial integration is the EU, how quickly integration processes are progressing in EU financial markets, what apparatus should be used and with what indicators when analyzing the financial integration of the EU. The article considers the processes, problems, and prospects for the integration of the financial market within the economic system of the EU. The expediency of using artificial intelligence to forecast and regulate the EU financial market in order to facilitate the successful completion of its integration is substantiated. An analysis of the potential functions of artificial intelligence in this context has been carried out.


  • The article is devoted to substantiating potentials of using AI in the processes of management and regulation of the EU’ financial market integration.
  • The obtained results demonstrated the challenges of gaining and systematizing complex data needed for effective regulation of financial market under conditions of integration.
  • The practical significance of the research lies in the possibilities of its use by EU regulatory bodies when making and implementing decisions concerning further integration of financial market.

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