Year: 2023 | Month: March | Volume 68 | Issue 1

Economic Impact of Primary Agricultural Cooperative Societies (PACS): Findings from Nadia District of West Bengal

Pijush Kanti Ghosh Jayanta Dutta Arabinda Mitra


With the passage of time and needs of rural people, the number and activities of PACSs have increased manifold and undergone changes with government patronage. This paper seeks to address how and to what extend the farming people have been benefited from PACS for their economic frontier in Nadia district of West Bengal. Primary data have been analysed through different statistical methods including multivariate analyses viz. principal component analysis, cluster analysis, and group characterization. The results show a positive relationship of the PACS’ role and family income of the farming community and majority of the sampled farmer members expressed the moderate role of PACS on overall economic development of farming community. Perception of the members on economic development by PACS is mostly homogeneous in nature. General perception of the members indicates the disappointing
performances of the PACS in raising agricultural productivity or opening business opportunity at village level.


  • Economic Impact of PACS on rural people.
  • Sense socio-economic issues influence people‚Äôs perception regarding PACS.
  • What is the special characteristic of the member which influences the perception.

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