Year: 2023 | Month: March | Volume 68 | Issue 1

Market Arrival and Price Behaviour of Potato in Tripura, India

Soma Deb Debashis Sarkar


The study is undertaken in Tripura on a macro framework based on secondary data. There are eight districts in Tripura and potato is cultivated in all districts. Two districts viz., West Tripura and South Tripura districts are selected purposively based on higher and lower production. Accordingly, an effort is made in this study to examine the behaviour of arrivals and prices of potato in Tripura. Production of potato and the seasonality in production are the two important factors affecting the price. It observes that the area of potato has increased at the rate of 3.14 percent and 2.04 percent per annum in West and South Tripura districts respectively. Similarly, the production of potato has also increased at the rate of 3.36 percent and 2.45 percent in these two districts respectively. However, the productivity of potato in these two districts is positive but required to be improved to enhance the income of the farmers. It emerges out from this study that there is an inter-year variation in market arrival and prices of potato and variability in market arrivals is more pronounced than prices. Arrival remains on the higher side during January to March and consequently price indices remain low during this period and lower arrival indices coincides with the higher price indices during the lean season in the selected markets. The price indices remain much lower during the period of higher arrival in these selected markets. In view of results, it is suggested that there is a need for adoption of improved technologies in potato production in Tripura and at the same time efforts are required in extending the storage facilities and thereby seasonality of market arrivals and prices of potato may be minimised. Policy makers may give emphasis on price stabilization strategies to safeguard the interest of all stake holders associated with the potato marketing in Tripura. 


  • There is inter and intra year instability in the prices of potato in Tripura variability in market arrivals is more pronounced than prices

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