Year: 2022 | Month: December | Volume 67 | Issue 5

Digital Education: The Aspects and Growth in Socio-Economic Development—Towards sophisticated Education 4.0 Practice

P.K. Paul


The concept and practice of Digital involvement is improved gradually in various sectors with the help of various digital and electronic tools as well as technologies. Importantly, most of these are widely using in teaching-learning process and today entire education system become more technology centric. There are many concerns about the Digital Education which include E-Learning, Online Education, Education Technology, Virtual Education, Blended Learning. However previously only ET i.e. Education Technology or E Learning was treated as practice of ICT in Education and gradually other areas have lead the development of the Digital Education not only a practicing concept but also a field of study. Newest nomenclature ‘Digital Education’ has become a subject in many international universities to offer the best in practice of planning, conducting education and also overall educational approaches so that sophisticated teaching-learning activities can be developed. Digital Education partially known as Educational technology needed in process of communication, and exchange of views using IT and Computing. The tremendous applications of IT in Education are results to advanced education and their practice in better pedagogy and curricula development and offering. Therefore future of education is purely based on advanced technology and automation and also concepts of the Creativity. The advanced concept of Education 4.0 also an important practice and this Chapter is concentrated on Digital Education and its various aspects with special reference to its practice in Education 4.0 practice and development.


  • Digital Education is combining different mode of education viz. Online Education, ICT in Education, Blended Education.
  • Digital Education today not only a field of practice but also a field of study where educational programs are offered in this nomenclature & allied nomenclature.
  • Country to country perception and status for Digital Education is different but worldwide there are growing trends in digitalization.Country to country perception and status for Digital Education is different but worldwide there are growing trends in digitalization.
  • Different emerging ICT is changing educational sector and as a result various concepts been emerged and among this Education 4.0 is important one.

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