Year: 2022 | Month: December | Volume 67 | Issue 5

Post-war Economy of Ukraine: Innovation and Investment Development Project

Petro Kulikov Oleksandr Aziukovskyi Oleksandra Vahonova Olena Bondar Lyudmila Akimova Oleksandr Akimov


The article attempts to scientifically search for an answer to the question about the possibilities and prospects of innovative and investment development of the post-war economy of Ukraine, taking into account specific country conditions and trends in the global economy as a whole. The experience of the post-war reconstruction of Germany and Japan, the Marshall Plan, and much later projects for the reconstruction of Iraq and Croatia after regional military conflicts are taken as the basis for the analysis. The problems studied in the article are of particular importance in the absence of conceptual works, both fundamental and reasonably practical, devoted to a comprehensive analysis of the post-war development of Ukraine and ways to revive its economy, which would take into account the changed conditions within the country itself and in the world as a whole.


  • The article is devoted to seeking optimal possibilities for the development of the postwar economy of Ukraine, based on the experience of other countries’ postwar development from a historical retrospective.
  • The obtained results showed the expediency of the integration of the best practices of the Marshall Plan, taking into account the radically changed economic realities of the 21st century (information economy and Industry 4.0), Saudi Vision 2030, and the experience of the UAE in creating an advanced state in the desert from a small fishing village when developing and implementing plans of innovation and investment development projects for post-war Ukrainian economy.
  • The practical significance of the research lies in using best practices in post-war development, which enables the fastest and most effective design of the Ukrainian economy post-war development, as well as bypassing pitfalls, thus maximizing economic and social effects.

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