Year: 2022 | Month: December | Volume 67 | Issue 5

Cost and Profitability Analysis of Selected Oilseed Crops: An Estimation from Karnataka

Satishkumar M Amrutha T. Joshi Manoj Kumar G.


The present study has examined the profitability of groundnut and sunflower cultivation in Karnataka during 2001-02 to 2019-20. The results indicated that the area and production of groundnut and sunflower have shown a negative growth, whereas productivity of both crops has shown positive growth for the overall study period. The cost of producing groundnut in Karnataka was found 1.7 times the production cost in Uttar Pradesh and sunflower was found 1.5 times the production cost in Andhra Pradesh. The profitability of both crops has shown negative returns during the study period (2001-02 to 2019-20). The return per rupee of investment for both crops was also less than unity. Hence, there is a need for incentive programs and Government should increase the procurement price to cover its cost of production in order to help farmers.


  • The groundnut and sunflower areas and production have shown negative growth during the study periods.
  • Human labour constitutes a major share in both crop cultivations.

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