Year: 2022 | Month: October | Volume 67 | Issue 4s

Bibliometric Analysis of Published Research on Russia-Ukraine War Using VOSviewer

Rakesh Ahlawat Mandeep Ghai Sanjeev Kumar Garg


What the world was fearing since the built up of army on Russia-Ukraine border, came true on 24th February, 2022 when Russia launched its “special military operation” to invade Ukraine. Millions of Ukrainians flee their country seeking refuge in the neighbouring European countries. The war not only generated a global discussion among the governments but also among the scientific community. All around the globe the researchers have been studying and publishing based on this war. This study performs a bibliometric analysis on these published documents using Dimensions database. A total of 657 documents in the form of research articles, preprints, monographs and chapters were studied. The analysis was performed using VOSviewer and presented in the form of tables and figures. The study showed the global nature of war where the most documents were published, both in the terms of institutions and researchers, from India. United States found to be the top contributing country. The study also depicts that the researches based on ‘Russia-Ukraine war’ included topics related to equity markets, business, climate change, energy security, food security, public health and global implication of war. To the best of the knowledge of the researchers this is the first bibliometric study based on this war.


  • Researchers from all around the world have been studying the Russia-Ukraine war in various aspects.
  • The studies have focused on business, economy, energy, food and health related topics.

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