Year: 2022 | Month: September | Volume 67 | Issue 4

Innovation is the Way Forward: The Impact of Organisational Culture on Innovation in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Shk. Imran Islam Kartinah Ayupp


This paper aims to investigate the impact of organization culture on innovation using the United Arab Emirates (UAE). A quantitative approach was used for the study collecting data from 557 individuals working across the seven states of UAE in different organisations. The data was analysed using SmartPLS where partial least squares – structural equation modeling were used to test the relationship between organisation culture and innovation. The results show that, the unique working environment in UAE where there is a vast mix of cultures from all over the world making it difficult to establish a steady working culture, organisation culture still has a positive impact on innovation. The finding suggests that organisations and the government should take advantage of this situation and drive innovation using the correct approach.


  • A mix of cultures creates an interesting dynamic within an organisation and country, which requires leadership that understands these cultures.
  • The right culture and leadership, makes way for creativity and innovation and can have a positive impact on innovation overall.

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