Year: 2022 | Month: September | Volume 67 | Issue 4

Market Integration and Seasonal Prices of Paddy: An Economic Analysis

Kumare S.T. Perke D.S. Rede G.D.


To frame an inclusive agricultural policy, analysis of price and market arrivals overtime is essential. Variations in market arrivals mainly leads to price instability. Such study is beneficial for farmers in demand to select the appropriate time to sell their farm produce to get best economic profits. On this sight the present study was undertaken to examine the seasonality and market integration of Paddy in Gadchiroli District of Maharashtra. The secondary data were collected for a period of 15 years from 2006 to 2020. Data were analysed using simple tabular analytical tools and functional analysis approaches. The data showed a highest seasonal indices of arrivals in the month of January and lowest in month of August in Chamorshi and Gadchiroli markets, respectively. In terms of paddy price, the highest and lowest seasonal indices of prices were seen in the months of July and March in Chamorshi market where as in the months of September and March in Gadchiroli market. Contradictory relationship between arrival and prices was witnessed in the designated markets. The degree of integration was found strong and positive of prices. Transparency in price signal among both markets resulted in strong integration. For better operations of well integrated markets, there should be provision of more investments and for the less integrated markets, need of adoption of online marketing system and awareness creation is needed to eliminate the malpractices in agricultural markets. These results recommend market integration and competition rather than collusions of markets in the study area.


  • Arrivals were highest in the month of January and December.
  • Strong and positive degree of association of prices existed in the selected markets of the study area.

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