Year: 2022 | Month: October | Volume 67 | Issue 4s

Determinants of Training Competitive Business Professionals in the Hospitality Industry

Liliia Honchar Yuliia Zemlina Olena Zavadynska Irina Verezomska Olha Danylenko Oleksandr Zarakhovsky


Against the background of increasing level of competition in the hospitality industry, the growth of tourism on a global scale, the importance of training competitive professionals in the hospitality industry is growing. The purpose of the academic paper lies in defining the determinants of training competitive business professionals in the hospitality industry. The methodology of the research is based on a survey of 314  students of higher educational institutions (HEIs) of Ukraine among the four educational programs “Management of tourism and hotel and restaurant business”. The results indicate to the fact that five groups of determinants of influence on educational programs for training professionals of the hospitality industry have been revealed, among which the highest level of impact is provided by student support (this group of determinants ensures 43,99  % of the effectiveness of programs). The second place in terms of influence level is occupied by the network of connections in the hospitality industry (variation 7,36  %), the innovation of educational programs (variation 5,93) is in third place. It should also be mentioned that the important factors in the quality of educational programs are the educational environment (4,84  %) and the availability of certificates confirming the quality of faculties and programs. As a result of statistical analysis based on the t-test, no significant difference was revealed between the students’ genders in the perception of the determinants of the quality of training programs (curricula). Significant differences were found between assessments of the perception of the quality of training programs by first-year students  /   second-year students, junior and senior specialists.

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