Year: 2022 | Month: June | Volume 67 | Issue 3

Economic Development of Milk Producers through Dairy Cooperatives with Special Reference to Banaskantha District

Maulik C. Prajapati Ashish K. Makwana Mahendra D. Gurjar Krunal C. Kamani


Dairy cooperatives in rural Gujarat provide a stable source of income for millions of people. Rural inhabitants are mostly involved in farming as well as non-agricultural activities such as livestock husbandry and dairy. The Economic Development of Member Dairy Farmers through Dairy Cooperatives was examined in this study. The primary data was acquired using a convenience sampling method from 200 Members Dairy Farmers in the Banaskantha district. Data was collected using a Google form. Simple percentage approaches were utilised to do the analysis. According to the findings, the Banaskantha District Dairy Cooperative plays an essential role in the economic development of its member dairy producers. Member Dairy Farmers provide a considerable contribution to Gujarat’s dairy industry, and their engagement in dairy farming is seen as a crucial instrument for increasing the standard of living of the rural community in Bansakantah District.


  • The majority of the dairy farmers were involved in animal husbandry and agriculture activities.
  • Immovable property asset purchases increased after joining the dairy cooperatives.
  • Dairy farmers’ personal income increases after joining dairy cooperatives.
  • After joining a dairy cooperative, a dairy farmer’s economic status improved significantly

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