Year: 2022 | Month: June | Volume 67 | Issue 3

Economic Contribution of Innovations Developed in National Agricultural Research System (NARS): Case of GPU 28 Variety of Finger Millet

Suresh K.


The economic impact of the most successful innovation in Ragi (finger millet) through GPU 28 variety in Karnataka was demonstrated using partial budgeting technique. The incremental benefit of GPU 28 variety of Ragi over Indaf 5 variety was estimated to be ` 3244 per acre. The economic impact of GPU 28 variety incorporating the probability of performance and the rate of adoption of technology including the depreciation of technology considering field conditions was ` 1168 per acre. The economic contribution of the variety for Karnataka state as a whole was ` 181.84 crores assuming 80 percent of the area under Ragi in Karnataka.


  • The new ragi variety GPU 28 benefitted the farmers through 49 percent more returns than the check variety.
  • The improved variety of ragi crop has contributed ` 181.84 crores for the state of Karnataka.

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