Year: 2022 | Month: March | Volume 67 | Issue 2

Study of Impact of the Members of Tamil Nadu Banana Producer Company (TNBPC) in Tiruchirappalli District- A Socio-economic Analysis

Srinithi S. Balasubramaniam P. Mohanraj V. Prasanth A.


Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) are one of the potential solutions to the issues (lack of bargaining strength, extremely small landholdings, insufficient marketing skills and intermediary exploitation) faced by the Indian farmers. In light of the above fact, the present study was carried out in Tiruchirappalli district of Tamil Nadu to find the socio economic impact of TNBPC on the members with the sample respondents of 132. The sample was selected through proportionate random sampling from five villages of Thottiyam block of the state. The findings revealed that about 62 per cent of the respondents had medium level of overall socio economic impact. Majority of the respondents felt improvement in their skill development aspects such as application of biological agents, value addition, ICT usage and sucker treatment. Regarding psychological aspect majority of the respondents felt improvement in self-confidence, motivational level and decision making ability. With regard to social aspect majority of the respondents felt increase in information seeking and sharing among the farmers and regarding economic aspect majority of the respondents felt decreased expenditure on input and increased income from the bunches and value added products.


  • TNBPC imparts training on skill development on improved practices and value addition in banana.
  • TNBPC improving the economic status of the farmers by providing them with improved market linkage and market information’s.

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