Year: 2022 | Month: March | Volume 67 | Issue 2

Strategies for Upscaling the Marketing Behaviour of Vegetable growers of Ranga Reddy District

V.V.S.S. Anusha S.R. Padma


Vegetable production was recorded highest in Ranga Reddy district of Telangana (2019-2020). This study highlights the marketing aspect of vegetable growers. The marketing behaviour was studied under four components - planning, decision-making, implementation and review. The responses were quantified using descriptive statistics. The results depicted that only 30.67 per cent of respondents consider the preferences of consumers in choosing vegetables and 28.67 percent of them collect information regarding the demand, supply, prices prevailing at the time of planning. Decisions regarding area kept for vegetables (62.00%), vegetables to be grown (59.33%) were taken based on self-intuition (100.00%) and considering family personnel (79.33%). The sale of produce is at the regulated market, within the district (90.00%), through commission agents (88.67%). Performance of cleaning (98.66%) and grading (97.34%) was not according to standards. Finally, the review of marketing actions was sparsely done. Based on the observed behaviour, suggestions like infrastructure (storage) facilities, training on post-harvest handling procedures, capacity building, export promotion, FPO formation, ICT’s for market information were given substantiating their impact.


  • The study observed lesser involvement and attention of vegetable growers in planning, decision-making aspects of their marketing behaviour.
  • In implementation aspect, regulated markets that are within the district were preferred and through commission agent as soon as after harvest.
  • Post-harvest practices – cleaning and grading (non-standardised), storage and processing (not practiced).

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