Year: 2022 | Month: March | Volume 67 | Issue 2

Assessment of Marketing Channels and Price Spread of Brinjal in the State of Uttar Pradesh

Manish Sharma Arun Kumar Yadav Raplang Lapasam Rizwan Ahmed Sachin Kumar Verma


The efficient marketing assists in increasing the farmer’s share in consumer rupees, moreover, high percentage of it denoted high profit to the farmers. In present study the price spread, marketing channels, marketing efficiency, market margin and marketing cost have been analysed for the brinjal in Mau district of Uttar Pradesh. The multi-stage stratified random sampling were used during collection of data from respondents. Three marketing channels i.e., (i) Producer-Consumer; (ii) Producer-Retailer-Consumer; and (iii) Producer- Commission Agent-cum-Wholesaler-Retailer-Consumer were identified in handling of brinjal in the study area. The results of study revealed that the marketing efficiency was 123.10 per cent for marketing channel-I, 150.30 per cent for marketing channel-II and 314.50 per cent for channel -III, whereas, the per quintal price spread for marketing channel-I, II and III was found to be ` 123.10,` 150.30 and ` 314.50, respectively. The farmer’s shares in consumer rupee for marketing channel-I, II and III was found to be 86.70 per cent, 85.77 per cent and 66.10 per cent, respectively. The marketing channel-I was identified as most efficient for handling of brinjal in the study area.


  • Most of the produce was sold through marketing channel-I.
  • Marketing efficiency was observed to be highest marketing channel-I.
  • The price spread was observed to be maximum for marketing channel-III.

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