Year: 2022 | Month: March | Volume 67 | Issue 2

Baseline Assessment of Adopted Village, Veldurthi (V), Jagtial (D)

P. Sadvi R. Uma Reddy


A base line survey was conducted during the year 2020 in adopted village, Veldurthi of Regional Agricultural Research Station, Polasa, Jagtial for understanding the demography, cultivation practices, land holding, occupation, social status, literacy level, cropping pattern, ITKs etc. and gaps in terms of adoption of new agricultural technologies/varieties, constraints faced by the rural people in agriculture. Participatory rural appraisal techniques i.e. Social mapping, resource mapping, Venn diagram , Matrix ranking were employed with the involvement of farmers and using a structured schedule for collecting the base line survey data. Adoption index was used to identify the gap in adoption of new technologies/varieties and percentage change was also used to show the increase or decrease over the years. The study report shows that, majority of the farmers belong to marginal farmers (43.8%). The adoption index/gap is more in Turmeric (100%) followed by Paddy (81%) Vegetables (75%) Sesamum (37%). Hence, there is a need to introduce the HYVs for adoption by the farmers mostly in Turmeric and paddy followed by vegetables and sesame. It was observed that the no. of cultivators were decreased to an extent of (19%) from 2011 to 2020 due to decrease in yields and lack of remunerative agricultural income. Hence, new agricultural technologies/varieties/knowledge on remunerative cropping systems and vocational trainings must be conducted to the farmers for improvement in their socio economic status and motivate towards farming.


  • Most of the farmers (64.8%) are Marginal farmers having less than 1 ha with cultivated area of 199 ha constituting 44% of total cropped area.
  • The area under HYVs was observed in Paddy in an area of 80 acres, Sesamum in an area of 30 acres and vegetables in an area of 10 acres before village adoption.
  • There was Non adoption of latest technologies in Paddy and Turmeric before village adoption due to lack of farm machinery and lack of knowledge on technical know how of the technologies of Paddy and Turmeric.
  • In order to address the constraints faced by the farmers of adopted village, awareness programmes, field tours, Result demonstrations must be conducted to create awareness on performance of High yielding varieties and seed production and also motivate towards formation of Farmer producer organizations (FPOs) for better access to seed/ fertilizers/pesticides by organizing training programmes and field trips to successful FPOs.

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