Year: 2022 | Month: February | Volume 67 | Issue 1s

Marketing of Baby Corn (Zea mays L.) in Sonipat, Haryana: An Economic Analysis

Sonu Ram Parminder Singh Neelam Kumari


Sonipat district of Haryana state contributed significantly to the area and production of baby corn in the state. The study was carried out to estimate marketing cost, market margins, marketing efficiency and price spread of baby corn growers. Primary data was collected from 60 farmers from two villages, namely Rajpura and Aterna and ten market intermediaries from Azadpur market, New Delhi. The results indicated two main marketing channels for baby corn as: channel-I (Producer → Processing mill) and channel-II (Producer → Wholesaler → Retailer → Consumer). The marketing channel-I observed to be more efficient due to absence of market intermediaries and net price received by the farmer was comparatively higher.


  • Two marketing channels were found in marketing of baby corn, one without any intermediaries, where marketing efficiency was higher
  • Net price received by the farmer was comparatively lower in second channel, as the marketing expenses incurred in the channel was higher.

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