Year: 2022 | Month: February | Volume 67 | Issue 1s

Economics of Rapeseed-Mustard Production in Begusarai District of Bihar

Sachin Rathour Meera Kumari Sandeep Kumar C.K. Panda Sareeta Nahakpam S.K. Behera


An attempt has been made in this study to examine the economic analysis of production of rapeseed-mustard in Begusarai District of Bihar, India. Primary data was collected from 120 rapeseed-mustard growers of Begusarai District from a cluster of three villages each from two blocks through simple random sampling without replacement Technique. Study revealed that average per hectare total cost of cultivation of rapeseed-mustard was estimated as ` 63873 on sample farms and the average gross income obtained was ` 83746.92 per ha. The return to cost ratio was 1:1.39. Therefore, it is suggested that the improved variety of seeds and technology along with proper package and practices should be targeted in these areas to increase the supply. There is a need to step up investment in agricultural research, education, extension to reach among unreached section of society emphasizing quality of production and value addition. The outreach of most modern crop production technology may be facilitated up to the last frame.


  • Local rapeseed-mustard varieties cultivated on 66.03 per cent area.
  • Average total cost of cultivation of rapeseed-mustard was ` 63873.1 per hectare.
  • The overall average of returns to costs ratio on the basis of various costs varies from 1:2.27 to 1:1.31.

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