Year: 2021 | Month: December | Volume 66 | Issue 4

Status of Farm Machinery Manufacturing in Madhya Pradesh: A Case study

Manoj Kumar M.B. Tamhankar C.R. Mehta V Bhushana Babu Bikram Jyoti


The objective of this paper was to assess the current status of farm machinery manufacturers in Madhya Pradesh along with farm machinery market size, production potential and demand of farm machinery using primary data. To achieve the goal, primary data were collected through pre-tested and wellstructured proforma in 2017-18 adopting post-stratified random sampling technique. The market size of farm machinery manufacturing sector was estimated to be INR 7.56 (±0.21) Billion. There were 53% manufacturers with an annual turnover less than INR 10 Million and only 3 % manufactures had annual turnover more than INR 150 Million. High coefficient of variation for advance tools like vertical milling centre (660%) and CNC (Computer numeric control) machine (358%) indicated non uniform utilization of advance tools which affects the quality of manufactured farm implements. The survey conducted in the study region had manufactures producing around 45 different farm implements for agriculture. Investigation revealed that the production of the implements like rotavator, laser land leveler, reaper, combine harvester, chaff cutter and spray were less than its demand, which prompted the users to import these implements from neighboring States like Gujarat, Rajasthan and Punjab. The study showed that 43 % of the total manufacturers were integrated with Madhya Pradesh Government subsidy scheme. The manufactures of Madhya Pradesh also exported farm implements like reversible Mould Board plough to South Asian country and other developing country.


  • Status of farm machinery manufacturing in Madhya Pradesh has been assessed using statistical techniques by surveying 225 manufactures.
  • There were around 45 different types of farm implements were being manufactured in the study region with estimated market size 7.56 (±0.21) billion.
  • The production potential of the implements like rotavator, laser leveler, reaper, combine harvester, chaff cutter and spray pump can be predicted.
  • In addition, it is recommended that tool room facility should be developed in each manufacturing hubs by Government agency to help manufacturers in producing quality implement.

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