Year: 2021 | Month: December | Volume 66 | Issue 4

Growth and Instability in the Land Use Categories of different Agro-climatic Regions of Rajasthan

Thanuja P. G.L. Meena Hari Singh Latika Sharma B. Upadhyay


Land use is complex phenomenon technological change, climatic changes influences land use changes over time period. Rajasthan, the largest state in geography and varied climatic factors makes it important to understand the land use across the state. Present study aimed at understanding the growth and instability in the different land use categories of Rajasthan with special reference to ten agro-climatic regions of the state. Compound growth rate and cuddy della valle instability index was used to analyse the data. Secondary data collected since after the implementation of second land policy (1973 till 2018). Area under forest and non-agricultural uses as well as area under cultivation in all regions has reported significant positive growth rate whereas area under barren unculturable land and permanent pastures & other Grazing land in almost all agro-climatic regions of Rajasthan has significantly decreased. The land uses category under tree crops & groves reported high instability and swollen data in all study regions
for the present study period.


  • The present study was based on ten different agro-climatic regions of the Rajasthan state.
  • Area under forest and area sown more than once has increased significantly over the study period concluding the ecological and agriculture favourable across the state.

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