Year: 2021 | Month: September | Volume 66 | Issue 3

Varying the Profitability and Cost of Cultivation: A Spatio-Temporal Economic Analysis

Amit Mandal


The several policies and initiatives has been taken to cope up the problem of agrarian distress, farmer suicides and to increase the farm employment across the different size classes of farming community The government of India (2016-17 budget) has set a policy target of doubling farmers’ income by 2022 by ensuring the food security and income. The present study has explored the trend and pattern of cost of cultivation of paddy and wheat crop across some major producing states over the time period as cost of cultivation is treated one side of the coin while farmers’ income is the other side of the coin. The trend and pattern of different cost, profit, growth rate and efficiency of inputs have estimated across states over time. The descriptive analysis has been done using the CCS data published by CACP. There exists spatio-temporal variation in different costs, profit and growth. Thus a detailed review is needed to identify the state-wise important determinants (inputs) for the cultivation and after identifying the inputs supportive action is required through public policies.


  • It focuses the trend and pattern of different costs of paddy and wheat across major producing states over selected years.

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