Year: 2021 | Month: September | Volume 66 | Issue 3

Growth Rate of Pulses in Eastern Uttar Pradesh a Zone-wise Analysis

Ekta Pandey Supriya P. Mishra Vishal Mehta Kadir Karakaya Mostafa Abotaleb


Attempts are made in this paper to investigate the trend of pulses in Eastern Uttar Pradesh, as well as their instability and non-linear model. This time series data on pulses pertains to the period 1980-1981 to 2014-15 and includes information on the area, production, and productivity of pulses. Pulses have had negative growth in terms of area, production, and productivity in all three zones of Eastern Uttar Pradesh, namely, the North Eastern plain zone, the Eastern plain zone, and the Vindhyan zone. Since 1980-81, there has been a rise in the area and output of pulses in the Vindhyan zone, as seen by the percentage change. The Eastern plain zone has the most stable pulse crop in terms of instability.


  • Zone wise study of growth rates of pulses crops helps in agricultural planning and determining agricultural operation at the state level to meet rising food and nutritional security.

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