Year: 2021 | Month: September | Volume 66 | Issue 3

Growth and Instability of Exports of Vegetable Products from India

Vasavada K.M. Shiyani R.L.


The study examined the growth and instability of vegetable products exports from India during 1996-97 to 2019-20. The results indicated positive and significant growth rates of Indian export for all the vegetable products under study for both the periods and also for the overall period. During overall period, onion fresh and cucumber registered positive and significant growth rates both in terms of export quantity and export value. However, export price of all the products declined significantly during the period of study. In terms of export quantity and value of vegetable products, none of the product showed low instability during the entire study period. In case of export price, low to medium instability was observed in majority of the vegetable products. By analyzing the growth and instability parameters during overall period none of the countries reported to have desirable situation of high growth with low instability in case of export quantity, value and price of vegetable products. The trade liberalization after the entry of WTO led to increase in competition between the countries which resulted into higher instability in the export of products.


  • It was concluded that rate of growth in export of vegetable products were found significant for all study period.
  • None of the vegetable was found to be stable in the export during the entire period of study.

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